Why Trim or Prune a Tree?

Trimming or pruning trees is a useful and effective way to keep your trees healthy, your family safe, and your yard looking great. You should have a specific goal when pruning, so that you do not trim more than necessary. Many trees do not require extensive pruning to thrive, as long as the pruning is done correctly. Below are some of the reasons you should have your trees trimmed.

Prune to keep your trees healthy

Prune damaged branches (caused by storms, insect infestations, and disease) to help prevent decay from entering the tree. Trimming off large branches or topping trees, however, can cause several problems, such as ruining the tree’s natural shape and allowing suckers to grow. If a tree needs major pruning or trimming, contact a professional tree service.  

Prune to eliminate unwanted branches, vines, suckers, and water sprouts that steal nutrients from the healthy part of the tree. Not only do these unwanted growths look unappealing, they also make the wood weaker in that part of the tree, making it vulnerable to pathogen attacks.

Prune branches that are growing opposite the natural form of the tree. Branches that grow contrary to the rest not only affect the visual appeal of the tree, the branches may rub against each other causing wounds which may result in infections.

Prune to keep your property and family safe

Trim any branches that are hanging over power/telephone lines, houses and garages, sidewalks, or parking areas. Maintaining the trees surrounding these areas will prevent safety hazards that can occur when limbs fall because of storms or decay.

Remove any dead or decaying branches to prevent damage to property or injury to people. Annual or bi-annual pruning can prevent unnecessary damage that often occurs.

Prune branches that obscure vision at intersections and driveways. Unkempt landscape is the cause for many traffic accidents. Avoid injury or liability by keeping the line of sight clear for drivers.

Prune to keep your yard looking great

Prune to allow sunlight and oxygen to circulate, causing more foliage to grow. Regular pruning will prevent ugly vines and water sprouts from taking over the tree.

Prune for easier maintenance. Pruning is effective when the natural shape of the tree is kept.

Pruning and trimming trees should only be done with proper research and technique to ensure the health of your trees. Contact a local tree service for more information.