Best Tree Removal In Dallas

Looking for professional service at unbeatable prices for tree removal? True Arbor Trees has successfully removed hundreds of trees for thrilled customers across the Dallas metroplex. Your satisfaction is our priority and that process starts with the very first phone call. Our arborists are experts in the art of tree removal.

Dallas Tree Removal Services

Removing a tree is not as easy as it looks. There are many factors to consider when removing a tree, particularly when it comes to nearby buildings and structures. At True Arbor Trees, we know that you’ve probably seen videos of trees being cut down and falling on a house! By hiring our Dallas experts, you avoid the risk of damage to any structures.

Why Remove A Tree?

There are many different reasons to remove a tree. When it does come to tree removal you should ensure that you have a sound reason for the removal. Some reasons for tree removal include:

  • Diseased or dead trees
  • Damaged trees
  • Proximity to structures
  • Fallen or broken trees from storms
  • Creates too much shade for the surrounding landscape
  • And more…
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professional tree service worker uses chainsaw to remove tree

Honest, Professional Tree Removals In Dallas, Texas

Professional tree removal requires expert precision and experience. We never recommend trying to remove a tree, especially larger trees, by yourself because of all of the different risks. As a hard-working Texan, you deserve the best services at great prices. True Arbor Trees has been serving Dallas, Texas for many years and we would be honored to add you to the list of our happy customers. Call us today to get a free estimate and consultation on removing trees from your property.