Best Stump Grinding And Removal In Dallas

Look no further for fast, professional stump grinding and removal services in Dallas, Texas. True Arbor Trees has successfully removed tons of ugly, in the way stumps in the Dallas metroplex. Your satisfaction is our priority and that process starts with the very first phone call. Our crews are the best experts in stump grinding and removal.

Dallas Stump Grinding Services

Let’s face it, there is nothing positive about an ugly stump in the middle of your yard. They create quite a few hazards, from tripping over the stump to insect infestations. When you are doing regular yard maintenance you have to work around the stump.

Take back your landscape today and call True Arbor Tree Services. We provide fast, affordable stump grinding services to the Dallas metroplex. Our tree service professionals will come out to give you a free, honest estimate that won’t break the bank.

Hazards Of A Stump

Having stumps around the yard can create a variety of problems. If you think a stump just sits there, not causing any issues, you might be surprised. Here are just a few negatives of leaving stumps in your yard:

  • Safety – stumps create a safety hazard for tripping especially if you have kids that play in the yard.
  • Tree roots – did you know that the roots of a tree can continue to grow even after the tree is cut down and all that’s left is a stump? This continued root growth can cause damage to other areas of your property.
  • Landscape value – stumps can reduce property value, and take up valuable space for other landscaping and gardening.
  • Infestations – tree stumps are a breeding ground for pests like ants and termites.
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Fast And Affordable Stump Grinding In Dallas, Texas

Grinding stumps on your own is time-consuming, exhausting, and costs money. Most people don’t have the proper equipment to remove a stump so they end up having to rent the equipment. Why spend your own money to rent equipment and use your own time for stump grinding when you can just hire True Arbor Trees in Dallas, Texas. Call us today to get a free estimate and quickly get those stumps out of your yard.