Fall: The Best Time for a Trim

Fall time. So many things come to mind when we think fall. Pumpkins, cooler weather and of course, leaves falling down from the trees in our yards. Below are some reasons why Fall is a good time to get those trees trimmed.

1. Skip the mess. You do not have as much mess to clean up, compared to if you do it in the summer or spring — especially if you do it after the leaves all fall down and you have to rake them all. If you did it in the spring or summer, you would have leaves, sticks and all other kinds of things in your yard.

2. Be nice to your trees. If you do it in the fall after everything is not blooming, you don’t have to worry about messing up your blooming trees by accidentally cutting them off. And again, you would not have a ton of mess to clean up.

3. Enjoy the weather. If you trim your trees in the fall, you have cooler weather to work in, compared to the hot days of summer. So it would be more enjoyable.

4. Spring is coming. Trimming trees in the fall helps them to grow better in the spring.

5. Safety. Safety. Saftey. If you have trees with dead branches, you should have them trimmed because it is a safety issue. Dead branches can fall from the tree in windy weather, bad weather or storms. Dead branches can fall on your house or power lines causing lots of damage in bad or windy weather. Dead branches can fall at any time. So, if you have dead branches fall is the best time to have your trees trimmed, especially if those branches are hanging over your house.

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