Spring: Now is the time!

Spring is the time for Spring Cleaning- scrubbing floors, washing windows, sorting through closets, and even re-organizing the garage! But Spring is also the best time to do some “cleaning” in the yard- mulching flower beds, re-seeding grass, and especially, trimming up the trees and shrubs. Why? Harder Ground- This gives men and equipment the best access to trees and … Read More

Why That Tree in Your Yard May Need to Go

Many HOA’s require residents to have a tree or two in the front yard. While this is not always the case, it’s  a great practice to have for both your home and your neighborhood’s visual appeal. Driving into a neighborhood with trees along the route adds richness and beauty and increases overall property value.  But, of course, trees can be … Read More

Fall: The Best Time for a Trim

Fall time. So many things come to mind when we think fall. Pumpkins, cooler weather and of course, leaves falling down from the trees in our yards. Below are some reasons why Fall is a good time to get those trees trimmed. 1. Skip the mess. You do not have as much mess to clean up, compared to if you do … Read More

Why should I remove a tree stump from my yard?

Reasons to remove a tree stump from your yard Whether you have just removed a tree from your yard, paid a company to do it for you, or a storm blew your tree down, the remaining stump needs some attention. While stump removal is usually an extra expense, it is well worth it in the long run. Not convinced that … Read More