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My Tree Looks Diseased in Fort Worth, Texas

My tree looks diseased. What should I do? You look at your tree and what do you see, but a tree that's diseased, or at least could be. don't hesitate to contact an experienced tree company in Fort Worth, Texas! If your tree doesn't look right, it could very well be diseased. The earlier you treat the disease and cut of the unsalvageable parts of the tree, the more likely you can avoid the advanced stages that could destroy your tree. Many homeowners have no idea if their trees are diseased and a large percentage of those don't have any idea how to tell even if there are diseased trees in their yard. My tree looks diseased. What should I do? You look at your tree and what do you see, but a tree that's diseased, or at least could be. don't hesitate to contact an experienced tree company in Fort Worth, Texas! If [...]

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Difference Between Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and tree pruning are both important tree management tasks that should be maintained and completed on a regular basis. While some people may feel these services are the same, there are clear differences between the two. So, what is the difference between tree trimming and pruning? First thing is to understand what is tree trimming and what is tree pruning. Before we go further analyzing the differences, let's look at what they are on their own and why we offer our services. What is Tree Trimming? Tree trimming involves the removing of branches from a tree to maintain its shape and size for aesthetic purposes. Properly trimming trees allow the remaining branches and the tree as a whole to grow faster and thicker than if it were to remain untrimmed. This improves the health and strength of the tree. Trimming is also used to keep trees within a manageable size for both safety and appearance [...]

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4 Ways To Avoid Making Tree Pruning Mistakes

One of the most important steps in caring for your trees is pruning. While most trees found around your house require very little maintenance, you still want to encourage healthy growth in your trees as well as keeping control over the trees by keeping them pruned regularly. Below are 5 tips to avoid those tree pruning mistakes. 1. Don’t Over Prune Those Trees! Keep in mind that more is less when pruning those trees. Try not to prune more than 20 percent of a trees foliage. Going past 20 percent will cost stress to the tree and it will not be able to transfer nutrients. You can always go back and prune more, but you can’t put more on. 2. Keep Those Shears Clean! Make sure to always clean your shears with a small amount of rubbing alcohol before pruning. That goes for any cutting blade as well. You may [...]

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Spring: Now Is The Time!

Spring is the time for Spring Cleaning- scrubbing floors, washing windows, sorting through closets, and even re-organizing the garage! But Spring is also the best time to do some “cleaning” in the yard- mulching flower beds, re-seeding grass, and especially, trimming up the trees and shrubs. Why? Harder Ground- This gives men and equipment the best access to trees and shrubs with the least amount of tearing up your lawn.Better Visibility- This allows specialists to come up with the best plan of action for the health and beauty of your property.Better Growth- This allows for the most healthy and natural growth of your trees and shrubsSo while you are sprucing up the inside, don’t forget about what is also on the outside- your Home! Now is the Time!Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation estimate today.

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Why That Tree in Your Yard May Need to Go

Many HOA’s require residents to have a tree or two in the front yard. While this is not always the case, it’s  a great practice to have for both your home and your neighborhood’s visual appeal. Driving into a neighborhood with trees along the route adds richness and beauty and increases overall property value.  But, of course, trees can be problematic, especially when they are dying or have already died. That dead tree in your yard can seriously ruin your landscape and cause other problems. Here are a few reasons for removal. Dead trees present a safety issue. They can fall over in windy weather or storms, causing damage to your house, cars or property, or even yourself personally.  Removing such a tree now may save you a lot of grief and money down the road. Dead trees affect the beauty of your property. Put next to a beautiful blooming tree, a dead tree can ruin your landscape. Additional, because [...]

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Fall: The Best Time for a Trim

Fall time. So many things come to mind when we think fall. Pumpkins, cooler weather and of course, leaves falling down from the trees in our yards. Below are some reasons why Fall is a good time to get those trees trimmed. 1. Skip the mess. You do not have as much mess to clean up, compared to if you do it in the summer or spring — especially if you do it after the leaves all fall down and you have to rake them all. If you did it in the spring or summer, you would have leaves, sticks and all other kinds of things in your yard. 2. Be nice to your trees. If you do it in the fall after everything is not blooming, you don’t have to worry about messing up your blooming trees by accidentally cutting them off. And again, you would not have a ton of mess to clean up. [...]

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Why Should I Remove A Tree Stump From My Yard?

Whether you have just removed a tree from your yard, paid a company to do it for you, or a storm blew your tree down, the remaining stump needs some attention. While stump removal is usually an extra expense, it is well worth it in the long run. Not convinced that you need to take the stump out of your yard? Here are some reasons that you should consider when deciding for or against stump removal. Safety Many times, stumps in your yard aren’t in convenient, low-traffic areas. If a stump is cut low to the ground, it can be hard to see and present a tripping hazard for anyone walking nearby. Toddlers have enough trouble walking on level ground, and when you throw a stump into the mix, there will be more (and might I add, unnecessary!) injuries. Have you ever run over a tree root or stump when you are mowing? The damage [...]

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Improving Grass Growth By Reducing Shade

If your grass is struggling to grow thick, green, and healthy, it is likely that you have too much shade in your yard. Symptoms that indicate excessive shade include long, thinning grass leaves, elevated moss growth, deteriorated plant vigor, and turfgrass disease. If you are aware of how shade affects grass growth, you can give your yard the care it needs to thrive. Ways That Shade Affects Turf Growth In order for photosynthesis to work best, sunlight and airflow need to be consistent. Below are several ways that shade can affect grass growth: Trees with a large canopy tend to steal the sunlight from the grass; trees with shallow roots compete with grass roots for nutrients; grass on the north side of houses do not receive enough sunlight; yards surrounded by low bushes, large canopy trees, and buildings do not receive steady air flow. When a portion of your yard lacks consistent sunlight and air [...]

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Why Trim Or Prune a Tree?

Trimming or pruning trees is a useful and effective way to keep your trees healthy, your family safe, and your yard looking great. You should have a specific goal when pruning, so that you do not trim more than necessary. Many trees do not require extensive pruning to thrive, as long as the pruning is done correctly. Below are some of the reasons you should have your trees trimmed. Prune to keep your trees healthy Prune damaged branches (caused by storms, insect infestations, and disease) to help prevent decay from entering the tree. Trimming off large branches or topping trees, however, can cause several problems, such as ruining the tree’s natural shape and allowing suckers to grow. If a tree needs major pruning or trimming, contact a professional tree service.Prune to eliminate unwanted branches, vines, suckers, and water sprouts that steal nutrients from the healthy part of the tree. Not only do these unwanted growths look [...]

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