4 Ways To Avoid Making Tree Pruning Mistakes

One of the most important steps in caring for your trees is pruning. While most trees found around your house require very little maintenance, you still want to encourage healthy growth in your trees as well as keeping control over the trees by keeping them pruned regularly.

Below are 5 tips to avoid those tree pruning mistakes.

1. Don’t Over Prune Those Trees!
Keep in mind that more is less when pruning those trees. Try not to prune more than 20 percent of a trees foliage. Going past 20 percent will cost stress to the tree and it will not be able to transfer nutrients. You can always go back and prune more, but you can’t put more on.

2. Keep Those Sears Clean!
Make sure to always clean your shears with a small amount of rubbing alcohol before pruning. That goes for any cutting blade as well. You may think the blade is clean, but there can be bacteria on the surface. Not cleaning your sears will result in the bacteria transferring over to the tree, causing disease and illness.

3. Pruning Structurally Significantly Areas!
Make sure to identify areas with structurally sound trees before you prune. Pruning unstructured trees will cause it to collapse and fall over. This poses serious danger to the tree and your family.

4. Not Doing Any Pruning
The very last mistake to avoid is not pruning at all. Pruning helps enhance the overall appearance of the tree if done properly. Contact your local tree service if you are not comfortable doing your own pruning.


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